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>> you are watching wbal-tv 11 news, live, local, late breaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon, everyone. our big story at noon, the number of diagnosed white and -- west nile virus victims rises to 30. officials are trying to stop the virus from spreading. we have more on those efforts and how you can protect yourself. >> michael goldsmith has no idea
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where or when he got bitten by a mosquito, but that one bite kept him in the hospital for the past year. he is receiving treatment in virginia. while he is grateful to be alive, the road to recovery has been frustrating. >> i am not paralyzed, but i am really hampered in terms of my movement. i have not walked in at your. they could not feed me other than by foods. -- i have not walked in i year. >> michael still has no idea when he will be released from the hospital. west nile has been slowly on the rise this year. the number of human cases are 30, including three deaths. the state health department says several factors are contributing to the increase in cases. >> we did have a milder winter
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last winter, and a bit of a drought this spring and summer. sometimes that can create more heat, which can increase the mosquito breeding areas. >> officials say you can protect yourself by staying indoors at dawn and dusk, using epa- approved repellent, and getting rid of standing water around your home. >> now, good afternoon, everyone. it is going to be a nice day today. we have a little rain in the forecast, but it will be smooth sailing through this friday afternoon, that is for sure. it is a little warmer than yesterday at this point. the dew point a comfortable 58. the forecast today, we should make it into the 70's. overnight will not be as chilly as the last few nights. there is the chance for a couple thunderstorms saturday afternoon and evening. we will talk more about that
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with the seven-day forecast. >> all right. thank you, tony. of a busy day for fire crews in baltimore county. they responded to a house fire at 6:30 this morning. the fire started in the kitchen. two people were transported to northwest hospital with a known injuries. no word on what caused that fire. -- to northwest hospital with a known injuries. a man was shot. the victim died at the hospital. witnesses spotted a man fleeing the scene who tossed aside a weapon. a federal judge has ruled that changes enacted to the city police and fire pension system are unconstitutional. the tenty -- the 2010 law change the way that they receive benefits. in a statement to 11 years, the merk rights "the city law
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department is carefully reviewing the ruling and reserves the right to appeal. ruling pertains to one of the pension reform legislation." the mayor's office remains dedicated to protecting the pension system. they will meet next month to discuss the next steps in this tenuous battle. in commitment 2012, today president obama and vice presidential candidate paul ryan will address the national a a r p convention. medicare is an issue very dear to older viewers. they are hoping to change hearts, minds, and votes. >> the presidential campaigns are reaching out to older americans, a day after the focus
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was on hispanic voters in the key battleground state of florida. president obama expressed frustration he has not done more on a key issue for latinos -- immigration reform. >> the most important lesson i have learned is you cannot change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. >> republican mitt romney, son that. >> the president threw in the white flag of surrender again. his slogan was yes, we can. his slogan now is no, i cannot. hasut romney's policy shifted. >> it is time that we set this aside. >> the president is now leading romney by eight points in iowa and five points in colorado and wisconsin. wisconsin gop vp paul ryan's home state is one of those battlegrounds where republicans
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are hoping to stay in play. nbc news, washington. >> the u.s. census bureau has released a list of the richest states in the country and maryland is at the top. maryland was the richest state in the u.s. with a median income of $20,000 more than the average income in america. mississippi is the poorest state in the country with a median income of just under $37,000. while maryland tops median income, the census also highlights a disturbing trend. one in four baltimore residents live in poverty. now, a neighborhood association numbers go -- members go door- to-door hoping to draw attention to a city proposal to add parking spaces. the city wants to add parking spots and a driveway loop to erect center renovation. -- to a rec center renovation.
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many residents say the city should be trying to preserve the park green space, not take away from it. >> not a fan because this is what you live here, because you have to have some park. you know, get some space somewhere, do you can. do not take away from this. >> the proposal has more than 2600 signatures. still ahead on 11 news at noon, a good news for homebuyers. mortgage rates at an historic low. plus, the new iphone. an update on sales in a consumer alert. we're following a possible we're following a possible hostage situation [ male announcer ] with ultra-filtered water
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>> a hostage situation continues this noon in pittsburgh. we are told the suspect is holding one male hostage on the 16th floor of a building in downtown pittsburgh. the man entered the building this morning asking questions about an individual. police have identified the suspect and say he is cooperating with investigators. >> we have still not been able
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to identify what type of weapon and we still have not been able to identify or know for sure what this individual has. >> no shots have been fired and no one has been injured. passengers on american airlines are experiencing major delays this week and they have labor disputes to thank. the pilot to fly for american deny there is an organized effort to slow down the airline, but delays have skyrocketed in the last week, creating travel headaches. still to come, we talk live to be -- to the stars of a new nbc show. and metal detectors in schools. >> another nice days in schools. things will change a little bit this weekend. a beautiful shot of the beach at ocean city. here at home, temperatures in when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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>> in today's consumer alert, the rate othe 30-year mortgage falls once again to record lows. the average rate fell to 3.49%, matching the lowest rate since longtime mortgages began in 1950's. the 10-year mortgage also went to a record low, 2.7%. the fed plans to spend $40 million -- $40 billion a month to buy mortgage loans as long as necessary to make homeowning more affordable. it seems that ranchers are -- renters are experiencing an
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affordability squeeze. rental costs are going up. more than 20 million rental households spent more than 30% of their income toward tousing. more than half of those were severely burdened with half of their income going towards rent. apple fans have been camping out for days hoping to get their hands on the new iphone 5. bizarre if there is an apple line -- chances are if there is an apple store where you are, there was a long line outside of it this morning. retail outlets opened their doors at 8:00 a.m. >> i tried to pre order at best buy, and there was a snafu with sprint. this is my best chance of being able to get it today, get everything squared away. >> there were 2 billion pre orders of the iphone 5 within 30
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minutes last week. -- two million pre orders of the iphone 5 within 30 minutes last week. >> now your insta-weather plus forecast. >> the pollen count is low. weed, 13, grass, for. that is -- grass, four. that is a good thing. if you are a ragweed sufferer, that is good news for you heading into the weekend. for the most part, it is sunny out there. there are a couple high, thin cloud, but these are obviously not rain producers. the biggest cloud are out in with -- western pennsylvania. things will get moving over the next 24 hours. there has been kind of a logjam with stuff coming in from the west and falling apart. right now, there is some rain around chicago and milwaukee. that will swing through here
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saturday night into sunday morning. with that, the chance for showers and thunderstorms. this area of high pressure has been protecting us and blocking stuff from coming in. this front here will actually come through baltimore over the weekend. there is even a slight chance if we get an of sunshine in the morning tomorrow that there could be severe weather on saturday afternoon or saturday evening. we will keep an eye on that. that is a strong front. for today, is going to be nice and smiled. at least more than it has been. temperatures between 75 and 80 degrees. you will see a few high, thin cloud of their. if you are taking the boat out this afternoon, it will be nice on the water. the only high tide today was at 11:00 06 this morning -- 11:06 this morning.
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not as cold tonight. temperatures in the mid-50's to the mid-60's downtown. we should be able to sneak into low-80's on saturday. we do have the chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon or evening. once that brothers through, it will be chilly. the overnight lows -- ones that front goes through, it will be chilly. the overnight lows will be in before april. and will be -- the overnight lows will be in the 40's. it will be football weather. >> thank you. you have probably seen the promo, three men take on fatherhood in the new nbc comedy "guys with kids." the show's stars join us this afternoon. good afternoon, gentlemen. >> good afternoon. it is 3:00 a.m. where we are. we're in tie 1 right now --
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taiwan right now. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> how was baltimore treating it? >> are you the most -- are you the funniest cast ever? >> no, those guys all unavailable. this is it. >> anthony, are you the only real dad in the bunch? >> i would not say a real bad, but -- real dad, but yes, i am. i am the father. >> has this discourage you from having kids? >> no, no, no. i still plan on having kids 40, 50 years from now. >> i bet you're going to say i discourage you. i was going to say, okay, ". you do not know me like that. >> anthony seems horrible. >> the thing about the show that
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works -- all of our babies have triplets that are hidden from us. whenever we have a baby that freaks out, we handed off to someone and get an identical calm one. i think it will be a rough with the call when i have a kid and not -- and cannot pass up the crying child. >> do you think it is about time that there is a show like this? >> yes, and i think the great thing about the show is these dads are good at their job. >> i do not have a job. i stay at home. >> it is not about bungling? . or "i can believe unman changes a diaper." -- a man changes a diaper." >> what was the most difficult thing about this role? >> working with infants. working with infants is
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difficult. they are little id-driven divas. sometimes it as interesting stuff you can work with. sometimes it is impossible. >> sometimes they pee on you. >> i would never call you id- driven. >> you have been so much fun. thank you for joining us. we hope that the show is great. >> every time you bring up the pee story, they ended the interview. >> appreciate it. "guys with kids"premier is next thursday right here -- "guys with kids" premiere's next thursday right here. metal detectors in place after two incidents on school grounds including a shooting and the
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first day of school that left one student critically wounded. police will have to be trained on how and when to use the wands. children under 8 will have to use a booster seat unless they are taller than 4 feet 9 inches tall. video shows the injuries a child can experience if the seat belt does not fit properly. experts say height is the most important aspect and it is important to air on the side of caution. >> we want people even when they get to that age, they should be on the booster seat and they are not ready to come out of that booster seat until they are the right size and height so a seat belt fits them properly. >> between 80% and 90% of people are estimated to be doing something wrong when it comes to child safety restraints. >> up next, your maryland
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lottery numbers, and a check of your is the weather was forecast. [ dog growls, barks ]
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bring your dog to work day... not our best idea. are better than others. that was fast! thank you.
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>> of group of tourists come face to face with an elusive creature during their kenyan safari. i cheetah hopped aboard their jeep for a closer look. they say she stayed for about 45
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minutes. she decided to lounge on top of the jeep. the higher you made it easier for her to go stand for prey -- the higher of view made it easier for her to stand for re. tonight at 5:00, we're learning more about the fire that injured a police officer. we have a crew headed to the scene and will have the very latest when it is available. first lady michelle obama will be in the area this afternoon. and orioles fans are itching to get their hands on post-season tickets. we will tell you what you have to do to be part of the magic at camden yard. and now your maryland lottery pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> the maryland lottery celebrates purple friday all month long. >> we are with you on this beautiful purple friday with your pick 3 numbers.
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for starters we have an 8. that is a 9 as printed on the ball. your final number -- zero. 8-9-0. we will get to your pick 4 in just a moment. this is a little different, a little simpler. learn how online. we're all set to go with your pick 4 numbers. 7 for starters. next number is a 4. all right, we have got a 3. the final number is a one. 7-4-3-1. the maryland lottery, let yourself plight. >> the autumnal equinoxes is --
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equinoxes is coming up. >> that is right. is going to feel like fall. is going to feel like fall.
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